Springtime Collection

Plush Bunny Rabbit Softie "Flat Little Bunny Rabbit"

$ 30.00

This Flat Little Bunny Rabbit is sure a charmer, with super soft minkie fabric and sweet little embroidered bunny face. The ears, head and paws are lightly stuffed but the body is flat like a favorite snuggly blanket. Measures approximately 14" x 8".

Bunny is available in several color options:

  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Peach 

These softies love to stay spiffy with a good soak in the washing machine from time to time. After a short spin around the dryer, lay your stuffie flat to finish air drying and get "undizzy."

Flat Bunnies make an excellent travel companion, as their paws are just the right size to tuck in the edge of the carseat so they won't roll out when you are enroute to grandma's house or dashing from the car to the door.

Our softies need lots of love, hugs and cuddles from a special little one.
I am sure you know just who I am referring to.

Listing is for ONE Flat Little Softie.
Multiples are available, rabbits are funny that way.