Monkey Visits the Stuffie Spa

Dawn Feldman

This week we had a special visitor to the BubbleGumDish studio. Cowboy the Monkey was in need of repairs so we admitted him to the Stuffie Spa for a repair and restore treatment. He was stitched up in no time and back to his old cheeky self again. Monkey was a great help in the studio and loved testing all the soft fluffy pillows that were shipping out with our orders. Like most monkeys, he is quite silly and kept asking for Banana Splits. Before we sent Monkey back to his sweet owner, he scampered around outside the studio where he relaxed watching the birds and forest animals and played in the trees. 

Monkey was quite a character and loved having his photo taken.
Monkey relaxes watching the forest
Monkey spent some quiet time watching the birds and animals in the forest.
Monkey comes to the Stuffy Spa for repairs
Monkey getting checked in as a patient at the Stuffie Spa.

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